How to make perfume-inspired cupcakes

By Lauren Carbran

We’re such big fans of perfume that we went one step further. Yes, everyone, meet the perfume-inspired cakes that will change your life...


How to keep your perfumes fresh in the fridge

By Lauren Carbran

If you thought your fridge was just for food, think again. Yes, guys, you can use your fridge to help keep your perfumes fresh for summer. And we’re all for it...


How to smell like Rihanna

By Lauren Carbran

Joined the Rihanna Navy? So have we. We love everything about this bad gal. She’s fierce and sexy, and likes twerking on Drake (standard). And did you know Rihanna has her own perfume range? Yes, really! So here are the perfumes you’ll need to smell just like her…


#TEAMTPS tell you how to raise money for Look Good Feel Better Week

By Lauren Carbran

Look Good Feel Better helps women and teenagers combat the visible side effects of cancer treatment through confidence-boosting skincare and makeup workshops across the UK...


#TEAMTPS tells you how to make your perfume last longer

By Lauren Carbran

Want to know a secret? We know how to make your fave perfume last longer. Yes… really! All you need to do is follow #TEAMTPS’s commandments. Here are the tricks they swear by…

How to stay fresh on a plane

Life bottled: #TEAMTPS tell you how to stay fresh on a plane

By Lauren Carbran

Now that the sun has (finally) come out, we can start thinking about summer. And nothing beats smelling great as you jet away to your dream hol...


How to match your perfume to your festival hair tribe

By Lauren Carbran

Stop what you’re doing! The hottest hair colours for festival season have arrived and we’re obsessed...


#TEAMTPS tells you how to choose a fragrance for every date

By Lauren Carbran

So, guys and girls, you’ve got a date coming up. Go you! But the big question is, what perfume are you going to wear?


Life bottled: Libra star sign scents

By Lauren Carbran

We got a treat for you Libras – your whole perfume world is about to change! That’s right, we’ve put together the perfect perfumes to match your incred personality. Choosing a scent will never be the same…


Top 5 birthday party scents

By Lauren Carbran

Let’s face it – you want to look INCRED on your birthday. But have you thought about your fragrance? Nope? Tut tut. Snag a standout scent now to wear all the way through your celebrations. And, as it’s our Rewards Club’s fifth birthday, we’re already partying with these beauties…


Top 5 best-selling fragrances over the last 5 years

By Amber Perry

To celebrate The Perfume Shop Reward Club’s fifth birthday, we’re taking a look at the top five selling fragrances over the last five years...


Top 5 reasons why you should become a member of The Perfume Shop’s Rewards Club

By Amber Perry

Here at The Perfume Shop we are passionate about our Rewards Club and giving back to our customers. So we think you should join the club. Why? You're about to find out...


How to update your perfume shelf for autumn

By Lauren Carbran

It’s time to face facts. It’s autumn – and the weather isn’t getting any better (cry). But, to welcome you into the cooler, cosier season, we’ve got the perfect perfumes to keep you on-trend (yay). And we spoke to expert, Michael Edwards, about which fragrance formulas to look out for this season…


How perfume pro are you?

By Lauren Carbran

Now here’s the big question – how much do you know about the world of perfume? Whether you’re a perfume novice or total pro, there’s only one way to find out…

Dementia Awareness Week

World Alzheimer’s Day: scents with orange notes

By Lauren Carbran

We’re spreading the word! Wednesday, 21 September 2016 is World Alzheimer’s Day, and we’ve teamed up with Alzheimer’s Research UK to raise as much money as we can (#dreamteam)


LFW Autumn/Winter 2016 Trends

By Tara Lacey

London Fashion Week starts on 16 September 2016, so to get you inspired we’ve matched some of our favourite fragrances with the trends you can expect to see across the runways for Autumn/Winter 2016...


Trends we loved at NYFW and the perfumes to match

By Lauren Carbran

Anyone else having NYFW fomo? Yep, we wish we were there right now, munching on a bagel and sipping a Frappuccino… Anyway, we’ve been watching with eagle eyes and these are the trends we’re obsessed with – plus the perfumes that match...


New CK2 by Calvin Klein

No 2 connections are the same, no one connection is forever. Experience the thrill of life.


Life bottled: scents that models wear

By Lauren Carbran

Want to upgrade your perfume? Well, it’s time to look to our fave models for inspiration. Yeah, they may have their cheekbones and pouts on point, but trust us – their perfume taste is up there, too. So here are the scents they swear by (and we’re digging)…


5 Minutes with Jean Paul Gaultier

By Lauren Carbran

There’s always a reason to celebrate Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes. But now the legendary Classique and Le Male fragrances have had a revamp – and we couldn’t be more excited...

Michael Main

5 Minutes with Michael Bublé

By Lauren Carbran

His voice. His face. His accent. And now his new fragrance. Michael Bublé has pretty much ticked everything off the checklist. And on one hot, muggy night in North London, I called Michael in New York, to find out all the juicy deets of his new scent, By Invitation…


Which power couple are you?

By Lauren Carbran

2016 is all about the power couple. There, we said it! We can’t keep our eyes off this year’s hottest couples, who are giving us some major perfume inspo. But the big question is… which power couple are you?


Which celebrity perfume is this?

By Lauren Carbran

We're huge fans of celebrity perfumes. So we got fashion and beauty blogger, Annie from Epiphannie A, to guess the celebrity fragrances. But the big question did she do? Find out here...

Diesel Bad

Everything you need to know about Diesel Bad

By Lauren Carbran

Set the alarm, block out your diary and tell all your friends. Diesel Bad launches on 17 August 2016 and we’re itching to get our hands on it...

JJ Hamblett

3 Minutes with JJ Hamblett

By Lauren Carbran

We caught up with the totally gorge JJ Hamblett from Union J about his favourite memories, The X Factor and why Alzheimer's Research UK means so much to him...


Top 5 times we’ve wanted to be Kylie Jenner

By Lauren Carbran

There are loads of times we’ve wanted to be Kylie Jenner and get into her perfume mood. Only joking – we want to be her pretty much every day. So we’ve narrowed down our top 100,000 times to five. It was hard (cry)…


Blindfold fragrance testing

By Lauren Carbran

You know us – we love to have fun with fragrance. So, we got blogger, Robin James, from Man For Himself and Rebecca Richmond from #TEAMTPS to test four delish fragrances…blindfolded!

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