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How to wear perfume on your wedding day

By Lauren Carbran

Your big day is near. But have you thought about your wedding perfume? Well, we want you to smell as dreamy as possible! So here’s how to wear perfume on your special day, with expert advice from perfumer Roja Dove…

How to make perfume-inspired smoothies

How to make perfume-inspired smoothies

By Lauren Carbran

Totally done with unhealthy food? So are we. Instead, we LOVE creating our own smoothies inspired by our favourite perfumes. Wanna have some fun? We dare you to give perfume-inspired smoothies a go…


How to host the perfect pamper party

By Lauren Carbran

Hands up who’s feeling like a pamper party? We thought so. And since we’re currently obsessing over the new Minnies Bath & Body range (exclusive to The Perfume Shop) by our fave TOWIE girls, Sam and Billie Faires, we suggest you read on…


How to find your new fragrance for 2017

By Lauren Carbran

New year means new you – which means a new fragrance, obviously! And we know it can be tough to choose the right scent – so, let us do the work for you…


How to update your perfume wardrobe for winter

By Claire Milne

Winter is just around the corner – and you know what that means? Snug boots, comfy coats, and the thing I like best: a new fragrance to carry me all the way through Christmas and New Year…


How to smell your best in 30 seconds

By Lauren Carbran

Like smelling amazing? Of course you do. It’s all about how you apply your perfume. So next time you’re in a rush, you’ll need to know #TEAMTPS’s Claire Milne’s top tips on how to smell your best in 30 seconds. You’re super-duper welcome…


How to make perfume-inspired meringues

By Lauren Carbran

You may not have heard of them before, but trust us – perfume-inspired meringues are a hit. So look no further for your dessert inspo and bring on the party season! Your next dinner party is totally sorted. Fabulous!


Top 5 dinner party tips

By Lauren Carbran

Autumn = dinner party plans, obviously. And we know it can be a bit of a mare planning EVERYTHING, so that’s why we’re here to help. You’re totally welcome – just make sure we get an invite…


Life bottled: your perfume points explained

By Lauren Carbran

Thought perfume was just for your wrists and neck? Wrong! Yep, this is a real OMG moment… we’re about to tell you how you can apply it to other perfume points – your hair, elbows, ear lobes and knees (we know, WHOA!)…


How #TEAMTPS will be celebrating our National Perfume Event

By Lauren Carbran

In case you didn’t already know, we’re having a National Perfume Event here at The Perfume Shop from 27 April to 1 May. And because we’re just so nice, we’re giving you 15% off everything! Woo. So how will our perfume experts be celebrating their fave event of the year? Sonia Zabair from #TEAMTPS reveals all…


5 ways perfume can change your life

By Lauren Carbran

Breaking news: perfume can change your life – and for the better! Yep, see ya later, makeup. Bye-bye self-help books. It’s the power of smell that truly leads you to happiness, we promise…


3 things you need to do for our National Perfume Event

By Lauren Carbran

There’s always a reason to celebrate perfume, right? Correct. And from 27 April to 1 May, we’re having the ultimate perfume party at The Perfume Shop for our National Perfume Event. We’ll also be giving you 15% off online and in stores. Um, shopping spree, anyone?


Perfume review: Juicy Couture Malibu Surf

By Lauren Carbran

I have this sort of fan-girl connection to all things American. Yep, I always watched One Tree Hill (I was passionately in love with Chad Michael Murray) and 90210 when I was growing up – and my American twang is totally on point. Those memories all come flooding back when I smell Juicy Couture Malibu Surf...


Which perfume were you born to wear?

By Lauren Carbran

Trust us, you were born to wear a certain scent. Yep, it was written in the stars. So now’s the big reveal. Ready, steady, go…


Posh scents fit for a queen

By Lauren Carbran

Find your crown, fetch your throne and brew a cup of tea – you’re practically a queen when you wear our posh scents. But smelling like royalty doesn’t come easy, darling, so here’s the lowdown…


How to have an affair with your perfume

By Lauren Carbran

Note: we do NOT commend cheating, UNLESS it’s with your perfume! Feeling a little unfaithful to your signature scent? Want to try something new? Don’t worry, it’s totally natural. So here’s how to have a (healthy) affair with your perfume…


How to spray perfume like a pro

By Lauren Carbran

Is there a right way to spray perfume? You bet! And to make things easy, Zoe and Sonia from #TEAMTPS give you their expert tips…


Perfume review: Elizabeth Arden White Tea

By Hannah Bentley-Kemenuh

Are you a tea or coffee lover? If you’ve just answered tea, I’ve got some exciting news for you. It comes in the form of Elizabeth Arden White Tea...


Blindfold Fragrance Testing

You know us – we love to have fun with fragrance. So, we got blogger, Robin James, from Man For Himself and Rebecca Richmond from #TEAMTPS to test four delish fragrances…blindfolded!


Perfume news: Emilia Clarke is the new face of Dolce & Gabbana fragrance

By Lauren Carbran

This might just be the best news we’ve heard this year. Actress Emilia Clarke will be the new face of Dolce & Gabbana from September. Yes! Yes! Yes!


Bloggers: My best scent memory #scentmemories

By Lauren Carbran

Perfume can bring back INCREDIBLE memories. Don’t believe us? To celebrate National Fragrance day on 21 March 2017, we spoke to our favourite bloggers to find out about their best scent memory…


The Sarah Jessica Parker perfumes you need this spring

By Lauren Carbran

Dream about smelling (and being) like Sarah Jessica Parker? So do we. But hold up – now you ACTUALLY can. Take your pick of the SJP perfumes to wear this spring…


A day in the life of perfumer Juliette Karagueuzoglou

By Lauren Carbran

Ever wondered what your day is like when you’ve got the coolest job in town? Well, here’s what Parisian perfumer Juliette Karagueuzoglou (whose most recent creations include Jimmy Choo L’Eau and Coach The Fragrance) gets up to…

Our fave bloggers reveal how they are spending Valentine's Day

Our fave bloggers reveal how they are spending Valentine’s Day

By Lauren Carbran

Yes, Valentine’s Day is officially here, and if you’re looking for some inspo on how to spend your day, here’s what our fave bloggers are up to…


Which power couple are you?

By Lauren Carbran

2017 is all about the power couple. There, we said it! We can’t keep our eyes off the hottest couples of all time, who are giving us some major perfume inspo. But the big question is… which power couple are you?


5 Minutes with Sam and Billie Faiers

By Lauren Carbran

TOWIE fans, listen up! Our fave girls, Sam and Billie Faiers, have launched an exclusive bath and body range at The Perfume Shop. This is not a drill! Read our interview with the girls here...


Perfume news: Jasper Conran opens his first hotel in Marrakech

By Lauren Carbran

As if we couldn’t love Jasper Conran any more. Now, the British designer has opened the exclusive L’Hotel Marrakech, set in a 19th-century riad, with five suites, a courtyard garden and serene swimming pool. Someone hand us a one-way ticket…


#TEAMTPS tell you which perfume trends to look out for in 2017

By Lauren Carbran

2017 calls for a new scent. Are we right or are we right? So we spoke to the perfume experts at #TEAMTPS and found out about the trends they predict to be BIG…

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