How to update your perfume wardrobe for winter

By Claire Milne

Winter is just around the corner – and you know what that means? Snug boots, comfy coats, and the thing I like best: a new fragrance to carry me all the way through Christmas and New Year…


How to smell your best in 30 seconds

By Lauren Carbran

Like smelling amazing? Of course you do. It’s all about how you apply your perfume. So next time you’re in a rush, you’ll need to know #TEAMTPS’s Claire Milne’s top tips on how to smell your best in 30 seconds. You’re super-duper welcome…


How to make perfume-inspired meringues

By Lauren Carbran

You may not have heard of them before, but trust us – perfume-inspired meringues are a hit. So look no further for your dessert inspo and bring on the party season! Your next dinner party is totally sorted. Fabulous!


Top 5 dinner party tips

By Lauren Carbran

Autumn = dinner party plans, obviously. And we know it can be a bit of a mare planning EVERYTHING, so that’s why we’re here to help. You’re totally welcome – just make sure we get an invite…


Life bottled: your perfume points explained

By Lauren Carbran

Thought perfume was just for your wrists and neck? Wrong! Yep, this is a real OMG moment… we’re about to tell you how you can apply it to other perfume points – your hair, elbows, ear lobes and knees (we know, WHOA!)…


How to make perfume-inspired cupcakes

By Lauren Carbran

We’re such big fans of perfume that we went one step further. Yes, everyone, meet the perfume-inspired cakes that will change your life...


How to keep your perfumes fresh in the fridge

By Lauren Carbran

If you thought your fridge was just for food, think again. Yes, guys, you can use your fridge to help keep your perfumes fresh for summer. And we’re all for it...


How to smell like Rihanna

By Lauren Carbran

Joined the Rihanna Navy? So have we. We love everything about this bad gal. She’s fierce and sexy, and likes twerking on Drake (standard). And did you know Rihanna has her own perfume range? Yes, really! So here are the perfumes you’ll need to smell just like her…


#TEAMTPS tell you how to raise money for Look Good Feel Better Week

By Lauren Carbran

Look Good Feel Better helps women and teenagers combat the visible side effects of cancer treatment through confidence-boosting skincare and makeup workshops across the UK...


5 Minutes with Trudi Loren from DKNY

By Lauren Carbran

Christmas means treats. And DKNY is playing Santa this year. Why? It’s launched its limited-edition holiday fragrances to make us feel EVEN more festive. We spoke to Trudi Loren, Senior Vice President of Corporate Fragrance Development at DKNY, to find out a little but more…


Christmas gift guide: for her

By Lauren Carbran

Looking for the perfect gift for her? We've got it - and yes, it's in the form of perfume. Whether it's a gift set or fragrance, she'll cherish it way beyond the festive season...


Christmas gift guide: for him

By Amber Perry

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to start shopping! Not sure what to buy for that man in your life? Need inspiration for your own wish list? Here’s a guide to our fave gifts for him, which we know will go down a treat…


Which Christmas film are you?

By Lauren Carbran

What’s Christmas without a festive film? Nothing. So next time you’re sofa bound, here’s the film you’ve GOT to watch. Warning: prepare to get WAY too excited for your fave day of the year…


The Christmas gift guide: for couples

By Lauren Carbran

Christmas is here! Our advice? Keep calm and buy perfume. We know it’s hard to find gifts for your babe, so we’re here to help. Opt for our fave Christmas scents to impress that special person in your life – and you’ll totally get all the credit…


2017: The year of the milk notes

By Lauren Carbran

I’ll always remember the milk cartons at school (circa 1998). The straws were too weak to poke into the carton, the milk was warm, and the cow branding was NOT on point. Some kids downed their milk in the playground, while others went down the theft route and snuck a few in their gym bag. Me? Just the sight of those cartons made me want to gag...


Top 5 stocking fillers

By Sadie Walden

As much as we all lie and say presents don’t matter, they totally do! I love opening my stocking on Christmas morning and seeing all the thoughtful little treats my mum has collected for me. But what do I love even more? Watching her do the same…


Life bottled: under the mistletoe scents

By Lauren Carbran

Ordered the turkey? Tick! Done your online shopping? Tick! Bought a scent that will get you a kiss with THAT HOTTIE under the mistletoe? Thought not. Call off the search – these seductive perfumes are all you need for a festive smooch. Prepare to pucker up, people…


Your Christmas shopping survival guide

By Jessica Eld

I don’t know about you, but Christmas always seems to take me by surprise! But as soon as I hear those Christmas songs on the radio and see the lights on the high street, I put my shopping reminders in the diary…


New CK2 by Calvin Klein

No 2 connections are the same, no one connection is forever. Experience the thrill of life.


5 Minutes with Trudi Loren from DKNY

By Lauren Carbran

Christmas means treats. And DKNY is playing Santa this year. Why? It’s launched its limited-edition holiday fragrances to make us feel EVEN more festive. We spoke to Trudi Loren, Senior Vice President of Corporate Fragrance Development at DKNY, to find out a little but more…


The perfumes bloggers really want for Christmas

By Lauren Carbran

Don’t you just hate opening a Christmas present you don’t really want? We totally get you! Well, you can say goodbye to the fake thank yous this year because it’s time to get some present inspo from our favourite bloggers. Here are the perfumes they’d love to receive this year…


#TEAMTPS tell you which perfumes they’re wearing to the office in winter

By Lauren Carbran

Need some winter perfume inspo? The experts at #TEAMTPS have their firm favourites, which they’ll be wearing to the office this winter – and we won’t blame you for copying them…


Which supermodel are you?

By Lauren Carbran

Fashionistas, listen up! It’s time to find out which supermodel you’re really like. Are you Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner or Lily Aldridge? Channel your inner supermodel now…


Everything you need to know about Tommy Hilfiger

By Lauren Carbran

We’ve fallen for all things Tommy Hilfiger: the clothes, the models and obviously the perfume. It just makes you smell so cool – without even trying. Here’s your chance to up your coolness, by learning all about Tommy Hilfiger. You won’t regret it – trust us…


Which Jenner/Kardashian are you?

By Lauren Carbran

Hells, yeah – we’re so obsessed with the Jenners and Kardashians (aka the coolest family in the world) that we decided to devise a quiz around them. So which of the Calabasas clan are you?


Reviewed: Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy

By Lauren Carbran

I’m not usually one for sweet scents, but Sweet Like Candy makes me sing Hallelujah. Why? The notes of sugar-frosted blackberry, vanilla and marshmallow, along with the pink pompom bottle, channel my inner Elle Woods and Mary Berry. And I love it...


Life bottled: scents that models wear

By Lauren Carbran

Want to upgrade your perfume? Well, it’s time to look to our fave models for inspiration. Yeah, they may have their cheekbones and pouts on point, but trust us – their perfume taste is up there, too. So here are the scents they swear by (and we’re digging)…


5 Minutes with Jean Paul Gaultier

By Lauren Carbran

There’s always a reason to celebrate Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes. But now the legendary Classique and Le Male fragrances have had a revamp – and we couldn’t be more excited...

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