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5 Minutes with Matilda Lutz and James Jagger, the faces of the new Emporio Armani scents

By Lauren Carbran

We’re in love with Matilda Lutz and James Jagger, who play the perfect couple in the new Emporio Armani campaign. We caught up with the faces of the new Because It’s You for her and Stronger With You for him fragrances to get the lowdown – and all we can say is #couplegoals…

The Perfume shop share their best dates ever – with Emporio Armani

By Lauren Carbran

Tinder chat going sour? Swiped left one too many times? Well, we’ve got the ultimate dating inspo. And to celebrate the launch of the new Emporio Armani couple perfumes, Because It’s You for her and Stronger With You for him, we’re spreading the love vibes...

Which city scent should you wear to NYC?

By Lauren Carbran

Fancy a trip to New York? Of course you do. That’s why we’re here to tell you which city scent you should bring with you. Find out now…

Bloggers reveal the scents they’d feel naked without

By Lauren Carbran

Do you feel naked without a spritz of your favourite perfume? Yes, us too! And it’s also the case for our BBFs (blogger best friends)…

Perfume review: DKNY Nectar Love

By Lauren Carbran

As if DKNY couldn’t spoil me any more, it has now launched a perfume that smells of honey – and it’s exclusive to The Perfume Shop. DKNY Nectar Love is a little gem, so get ready for me to go a bit wild over it…

Tried & Tested: your free Polo Ralph Lauren weekend bag

By Lauren Carbran

Now here’s a treat for you. When you buy any Ralph Lauren Polo Red Extreme fragrance that’s 75ml or larger, you’ll get a free Ralph Lauren Polo Red duffle bag. Yes, guys, you read that right…

Perfume trend: scents inspired by H2O

By Lauren Carbran

What does H2O even have to do with perfume? It’s the formula for water, ice and steam, after all – which has no smell. Well, I spy (with my little eye) that H20 is the latest inspiration for the biggest new perfumes...

The top strawberries-and-cream perfumes (yes, really)

By Lauren Carbran

Move over citrus scents, this month strawberries and cream are in the spotlight – with the start of Wimbledon, and scents that are too delicious not to scream about...

5 Minutes with model Vanessa Axente, the face of DKNY Nectar Love

By Lauren Carbran

Guys, this is a big moment for perfume. DKNY Nectar Love is available exclusively at The Perfume Shop from 2 July – woo! And you can grab the super-cute bottle and incred smell (orange flower, vanilla and beeswax) for just...

What does your fave Mugler bottle say about you?

By Lauren Carbran

Going mad for Mugler? So are we. And to celebrate the launch of Aura, a new fragrance for women, it’s time to find out what your fave Mugler bottle says about you. Let’s find out, shall we?

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