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How to keep your perfumes fresh in the fridge

By Lauren Carbran

If you thought your fridge was just for food, think again. Yes, guys, you can use your fridge to help keep your perfumes fresh for summer. And we’re all for it...

How to smell like Rihanna

By Lauren Carbran

Joined the Rihanna Navy? So have we. We love everything about this bad gal. She’s fierce and sexy, and likes twerking on Drake (standard). And did you know Rihanna has her own perfume range? Yes, really! So here are the perfumes you’ll need to smell just like her…

#TEAMTPS tell you how to raise money for Look Good Feel Better Week

By Lauren Carbran

Look Good Feel Better helps women and teenagers combat the visible side effects of cancer treatment through confidence-boosting skincare and makeup workshops across the UK...

#TEAMTPS tells you how to make your perfume last longer

By Lauren Carbran

Want to know a secret? We know how to make your fave perfume last longer. Yes… really! All you need to do is follow #TEAMTPS’s commandments. Here are the tricks they swear by…

How to stay fresh on a plane

Life bottled: #TEAMTPS tell you how to stay fresh on a plane

By Lauren Carbran

Now that the sun has (finally) come out, we can start thinking about summer. And nothing beats smelling great as you jet away to your dream hol...

How to match your perfume to your festival hair tribe

By Lauren Carbran

Stop what you’re doing! The hottest hair colours for festival season have arrived and we’re obsessed...

#TEAMTPS tells you how to choose a fragrance for every date

By Lauren Carbran

So, guys and girls, you’ve got a date coming up. Go you! But the big question is, what perfume are you going to wear?

How to wear the latest award-winning fragrances for summer

By Lauren Carbran

The exciting awards season for beauty has just begun. And Marc Jacobs Decadence and Hugo Boss Boss The Scent were the winners of the prestigious CEW Beauty Awards on Friday, 22 April 2016...

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