Florals are back, and they’re here to stay. Which new floral fragrance are you?

By Lauren Carbran

Florals are SO on trend right now. I mean, when were they not? Yep, the spotlight on floral scents is not going anywhere. And as it’s summer, there’s no better time to choose a floral fragrance that’s just arrived on the scene...

Which new scent should you wear at the pool this summer?

By Lauren Carbran

It’s not summer until you’ve swum in a pool. Fact. And once you’re away on your exotic retreat, we like to think we’ve got you kitted out for all things poolside. A new summer perfume for 2017 is your biggest essential...

What type of dad is he?

By Lauren Carbran

Does he love being at the centre of the dance floor, or is he totally on trend? Well, take our quick quiz to find out – and see our pick of the perfect scents for him on Father’s Day (you’re welcome)...

Which 2017 holiday scent is your match?

By Lauren Carbran

You’ve been counting down the days, you’ve planned your wardrobe, you’ve stocked up on SPF, and there’s only one thing left to do… choose your new holiday fragrance. Pick the right one, and for years to come, it’ll transport you back to happy days. Take part in our quiz and find out how to get it right…

What should you do this half-term?

By Lauren Carbran

School’s not quite out for summer, but during the last half-term before the big break, there’s the chance for a lot of fun. If you haven’t planned your week with the kids yet, here’s how to work out what to do and how to pick the perfume to match...

Which summer 2017 perfume trend are you?

By Jo Hoare

Psyched for summer? So are we. Milky notes, fresh air accords and cucumber are on our hot list for 2017. So which summer 2017 perfume trend are you? It’s time to find out…  

Pick your dream perfume notes and we’ll tell you where you should go on holiday this summer

By Lauren Carbran

It’s time to talk summer! And, boy oh boy, are we planning our holidays already. Need some inspo? Well, choose your favourite perfume notes in our quiz below and we’ll tell you where you need to book –YES!

Which luggage-size perfume is your perfect travel buddy?

By Lauren Carbran

In our eyes, the bigger the better! Yep, we’re all for large perfume bottles – do we even need to explain why? So take our quick quiz to find out which you need to take on your summer holiday with you...

Which male celebrity is your perfect date?

By Lauren Carbran

In need of a date (no, not the fruit)? Well, get your imagination going with the best quiz you’ll ever take. Yep, it’s time to find out who’s your perfect date…

Which perfume were you born to wear?

By Lauren Carbran

Trust us, you were born to wear a certain scent. Yep, it was written in the stars. So now’s the big reveal. Ready, steady, go…

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