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Bloggers: My best scent memory #scentmemories

By Lauren Carbran

Perfume can bring back INCREDIBLE memories. Don’t believe us? To celebrate National Fragrance day on 21 March 2017, we spoke to our favourite bloggers to find out about their best scent memory…

11Em Sheldon, Emtalks blog

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Burberry Touch for her reminds me of my first year of uni and brings back so many memories and reminders of friendships. When I spray it, I can almost feel the emotions I had in my university halls!’

22Patricia Batatas, Peexo blog

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‘One of my best scent memories is of my godmother’s signature scent, Jean Paul Gaultier Classique. She wore the same scent for years, throughout my childhood, and I remember it fondly. Any time I smell it, I think of her and growing up, shopping, evenings at the theatre and so much more that we used to do together.’


33Annie Amusu, Epiphannie A blog

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‘My scent memory isn’t of a perfume but of the smells of citrus. My grandpa had a citrus farm, and I spent a lot of my childhood playing on the farm with my cousins. I remember us grabbing armfuls of oranges and limes off the ground and trying to make ingenious recipes with our scavenged citrus treasures.’


Lauren Carbran, SCENTS blog

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‘My best scent memory is when I first met my boyfriend (now my fiancé), on holiday. He was wearing Paco Rabanne 1 Million and I instantly fell in love with it. So now the scent reminds me of all our amazing moments together. He wears it every day because he knows how much I love it (he loves it too, of course) and he will definitely be wearing it on our wedding day!’

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