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Out with the old: upgrade your perfume to these new launches

By Lauren Carbran

Craving a new scent? Well, we’re calling this month Upgrade August. Why? It’s time to get friendly with these newbies...

New perfumes that you’ve got to wear to your festival this month

By Lauren Carbran

Heading to V Festival? Or planning to rave at Leeds Festival? Wherever you’re going to enjoy festival season, we’ve got the new launches you’ll want to take along. Let festival fever start…

Can’t afford a last-minute summer holiday? Pick a new perfume to take you there now…

By Lauren Carbran

Bank account looking blue? Boo. But don’t fret – the latest arrivals in the fragrance world will take you far, far away, so you can forget about your morning commutes and those all-day meetings that drag on forever. So which new perfume are you? Find out by taking part in our quiz…

Perfume review: Michael Kors Wonderlust Sensual Essence

By Lauren Carbran

Put 14 August in your diary. Why? It’s the date that Michael Kors Wonderlust’s younger sister (and she’s REALLY cool) hits the scene...

The perfume guide to humidity

By Lauren Carbran

Trying to lead a normal life in humidity is a nightmare. OK, that may be a bit over-dramatic, but it’s TOUGH. And as you still want to smell insane through spontaneous heatwaves and polluted cities, follow our ultimate guide to perfume in humidity...

Tried & tested: your free Marc Jacobs Daisy White Mirror

By Lauren Carbran

As free gifts go, this is UP THERE. Yes, when you buy any Marc Jacobs Daisy White Limited Edition fragrance (£78 for 100ml), you’ll get a free shimmering rose-gold travel mirror. And it’s insane, if I say so myself…

Why the new Paco Rabanne fragrance is the raunchiest yet

By Lauren Carbran

Stop what you’re doing. It’s time to get to know the raunchiest launch of the year – Paco Rabanne Pure XS for him. Girls, grab it for your man. Guys, spritz it whenever you want to ooze sex appeal...

Where will you wear the new Elie Saab Girl of Now?

By Lauren Carbran

If you haven’t already heard, Elie Saab Girl Of Now is the It girl fragrance of 2017. Packed with pistachio, orange blossom and almond essence, it’s sweet and irresistible. So now we’ve convinced you to grab it for summer...

How to be a YSL girl without breaking the bank

By Lauren Carbran

Want to own everything YSL but your bank balance is looking like a sad-face emoji? We know the feeling. So just call us your fairy scentmother, as we show you how you can still be a YSL designer fragrance girl…

Your free summer beauty essentials

By Lauren Carbran

We love giving you free gifts. That’s why with any of the following scents, you can bag an amazing free product to add to your beauty or grooming bag…

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