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Perfume passport: my favourite places and the scents I wore

By Lauren Carbran

Apart from perfume (obviously), one of my greatest passions is travelling – you can’t beat boarding a plane, turning off your data roaming and exploring the world. Call me a geography geek, but I have a world map at home and cross off the places I’ve been to...

Florals are back, and they’re here to stay. Which new floral fragrance are you?

By Lauren Carbran

Florals are SO on trend right now. I mean, when were they not? Yep, the spotlight on floral scents is not going anywhere. And as it’s summer, there’s no better time to choose a floral fragrance that’s just arrived on the scene...

Perfume trend: cucumber notes

By Lauren Carbran

I spy a trend – cucumber. Before the recent launches of Michael Kors Turquoise and Marc Jacobs Splash Cucumber, I thought it was best paired with a pot of hummus. But I was SO wrong...

We visit the team at Southend

By Lauren Carbran

Today we visited our Southend store and caught up with the team to talk about why they love working for The Perfume Shop and their favourite fragrances!

Love exotic fruit? Try these top fragrances

By Jo Hoare

Now, hands up if you love exotic fruit! Yep, just the smell puts you in a full summer mood. So here are our faves and the perfumes packed with it...

Everything you need to know about Calvin Klein

By Lauren Carbran

As the BIGGEST fans of Calvin Klein fragrances, we thought we’d teach you about the brand’s history (the best history lesson you’ll ever have had). So sit back, relax and get to know about Calvin Klein, his fashion design and fragrance…

Our free gifts for summer

By Lauren Carbran

Guys, we’re just TOO nice to you. Why? When you buy one of your fave fragrances, you’ll get a free gift – and we’re talking the BEST pressie you’ll receive this summer. Just take a look…

Which new scent should you wear at the pool this summer?

By Lauren Carbran

It’s not summer until you’ve swum in a pool. Fact. And once you’re away on your exotic retreat, we like to think we’ve got you kitted out for all things poolside. A new summer perfume for 2017 is your biggest essential...

Perfume review: Valentino Uomo Acqua

By Lauren Carbran

We all know and love the Valentino Uomo for him clan. There’s the classic Valentino Uomo, an Italian blend of coffee and myrtle liquor, Valentino Uomo Intense, which is just as the name suggests (oozing vanilla and tonka bean) – and now Valentino Uomo Acqua has arrived...

How to switch from spring to summer scents

By Jo Hoare

It’s summer at last, and whereas it’s easy to transition your wardrobe, making the change from spring to summer scents can be trickier. Here’s our foolproof guide to making that swap...

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