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Customer review: YSL Black Opium Pure Illusion

By Charlotte Goldsobel

YSL Black Opium is my favourite perfume in my collection. It’s sweet and floral, and I wear it everywhere. Everyone knows it’s ‘my’ smell, and the fact that it’s long-lasting is an added bonus. I discovered I loved this perfume when a friend bought it for me for my birthday.

How to wear perfume in the sun

By Lauren Carbran

Smelling great is a must this summer. And whether you’re jetting away to lie by the pool or enjoying a spontaneous British heatwave, we’ve got the hacks to wearing your favourite perfume in the sun. And, contrary to what you might hear, the good news is you CAN wear scents in the sun…

Finished your latest perfume? We’ll help you choose what to buy next…

By Lauren Carbran

Uh-oh, THAT moment you’ve been dreading has come. And, yes, we know that no perfume left = a lot of stress for you. So take part in our quick quiz to determine exactly what to buy next…

5 Minutes with British yachtsman Alex Thomson

By Lauren Carbran

Can you imagine being sponsored by Hugo Boss? Well, that’s totally normal for British yachtsman Alex Thomson, who races around the world single-handedly. Awesome, right?

Elie Saab Girl of Now: what to wear with it

By Lauren Carbran

Are you an Elie Saab Girl Of Now? Well, if you’re part of a girl squad and always have a selfie stick at hand, it’s probably a yes. And even if you shy away from Insta-pics, you’ll love this feminine, ultra-cool scent, which blends orange blossom, almond milk and pear...

Customer review: Ghost Whitelight Diamond Dust

By Noshin Khaja

Naturally, I'm always drawn to scents that are versatile, making me feel happy and sophisticated. So I was very excited to try the new Ghost Whitelight Diamond Dust…

Why you should buy fragrance before you get to the airport

By Lauren Carbran

Yes, duty-free is tempting for us all, but there’s no denying it – buying your holiday fragrance before getting to the airport will be the best decision you’ve made ALL year. Don’t believe us? Here’s why…

Which romantic scent will get you that summer fling?

By Lauren Carbran

Single pringle this summer? Your time is now. To get you in the mood for love or just a cheeky summer fling – whether you’re having a staycation or jetting off to an exotic island – here’s the perfume that should be your wingman…

3 ways to wear the new Ghost Whitelight Diamond Dust

By Lauren Carbran

Diamond Dust should be the only thing on your mind this summer. Why? Because Ghost have just launched Ghost Whitelight Diamond Dust for her, which is exclusively available at The Perfume Shop – yay!

Everything you need to know about Emporio Armani

By Lauren Carbran

Say hello to the younger sibling of Armani – Emporio Armani. The young, modern take on the brand launched back in1982 and to this day is a massive hit, especially in the fragrance world...

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